2019 Men's and Women's Tennis Season Preview

2019 Men's and Women's Tennis Season Preview

The ASA College Brooklyn Avengers have opened the 2019 tennis season.  The men's and women's tennis team is led by new head coach, Sean Floyd.  Coach Floyd was a former Avengers player back in the 2011-2012 seasons, with a 11th place finish in the 2012 NJCAA Nationals.  He hopes to rebuild the tennis program that was the back-to-back NJCAA National Champions in 2014 and 2015.

Quotables from Men's and Women's Tennis Head Coach:

On the season – "Everybody wants to go to the Nationals. That's our number 1 goal and it starts with everybody working together and be ready for the journey."

On the team – They're all dedicated workers.  They come to practice at 6 am in the morning and do what they got to do.  They don't complain.  They are all good students academically too.

On the team slogan – "Our team slogan is "I got ya back."  Our team has already been through some difficult times this season and we want to try and make sure everybody has each other's back, whether it's on the court or off the court."

On Jared Howard – "This kid has every shot in the book and he fights for every ball.  He's very competitive; I believe he still has more potential.  I'm looking forward to seeing him max out his full potential."

On Yassir Aknin – "Hardest worker on the team, always wants to be in the gym.  He's a very confident player."

On Paulo Chiapponi – "Passionate player and wants to win every point.  He understands the fundamentals of doubles play and has great doubles tactics."

On Vladislav Kulakov – "His game is unreal, and he's starting to become more of a complete player, and I feel like he will get there by the end of the season."

On James Howard – "He's the first one in, and the last one out.  He keeps the team together and is a great leader.  Little to no flaws in his game."

On Alisher Nosirov – "Coachable, cares a lot about the game and works hard in practice.  He can definitely improve as a tennis player."

On Alan Schmidt – "Team clown.  He keeps the teams spirits up.  He's funny, energetic, a smart tennis player, and he cares for his team."

On Hanna Zubkova – "Hard worker.  Great ground strokes.  She's coachable, listens, and corrects her mistakes almost instantly."

On Hermon Miakel - "All-around smart tennis player.  Great hands at the net and very competitive."

On Polina Khoroshevskaya – "Emotional player, wants to win every point.  She has a good power game and she's very hard at herself but shows great determination to improve."