ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Basketball 2018-19 Season Review

ASA Brooklyn Avengers Men's Basketball 2018-19 Season Review

Men's Basketball 2018-19 Season Review

The ASA Brooklyn Avengers finishes the 2018-19 season with a record of 13-9.  The season included two separate 6-win streaks.  The team was led by head coach Devonne Martinez, the 2017-18 NJCAA Region XV Coach of the Year who led the team to a Region XV Championships.  This season marked the 11th consecutive Region XV playoff appearance.



2018-19 Individual Awards:

-All-Tournament Team: Miguel Simon
-All-Region XV First Team: Miguel Simon, Robert Terrero
-All-Region XV Second Team: Arsheen Jones, Cesar Ramirez



Quotes from the Coach:

On the season: "We suffered a disappointed loss after being crowned champions in 2018, but we are looking forward to better things to come."

Advice for the players graduating: "Time is priceless, if you can't commit yourself fully, it's not worth wasting your time.  In my opinion, time is the most valuable thing you have since you can't get it back."

On the next season, "The season fueled my fire for the next season.  We're already looking to recruiting higher level and higher "character" kids.  Character kids will be able to be coached, are well-learned, and will be competitive.  I look forward to having a great year next year as I bring in a slew of freshmen."