ASA Avengers Football Team Plays Conference Game Against Monroe Mustangs

ASA Avengers Football Team Plays Conference Game Against Monroe Mustangs

New Rochelle, NY – October 28th, 2018 – The ASA Avengers football team travels to New Rochelle to play their second conference game of the season against the Monroe Mustang.

The game started off with Monroe Mustangs finishing their first drive with a 2 yard run, while the Avengers weren't able to convert in the first quarter of the game.  However, in the 2nd quarter, the Avengers made a series of passing plays to tie the game 7-7.  Both teams were held scoreless the rest of the 2nd quarter.  During half-time both the offensive and defensive teams made a few adjustments to try and break the scoring drought especially as the Avengers were also dealt with a few injuries at the wide receiver position so the second string had to step up and play.

Overall, the Avengers offensive teams had 530 yards of offense with over 320 yards coming from passing.  In college football, teams usually averages 60-70 offensive plays per game and the Avengers crushed the average with over a 100 offensive plays this game.  The defense also held the Monroe Mustangs to a total of 37 offensive plays.  In total the Avengers had control of the ball 42 minutes of the game.   

However, like the conference game against Lackawanna, the special team weren't able to put the Avengers in a better position.  Besides working on the special teams, the Avengers also want to minimize the amount of penalties lost as they had 13 penalties and lost 135 yards this game.

The ASA Avengers football team plays their next game of the season at Delaware State University against Louisburg College on November 4th 2018.