ASA Avengers Football Team Plays First Conference Game in 2018 Season

ASA Avengers Football Team Plays First Conference Game in 2018 Season

Scranton, PA – On October 6th 2018, the ASA Avengers travelled to Scranton, Pennsylvania to play against Lackawanna Falcons for the first NEFC conference game of the 2018 football season.

The Avengers defense held off the Falcons for the first drive of the game which ended in a 29 yard field goal in the first 3:30 of the game after 9 plays.  Four minutes later, the Avengers responded back with a 30 yard pass from Khalid Morris to Tosin Oyekanmi for the first touchdown of the game.  In the Avengers next drive, Jean Palacio made a 35 yard field goal.  The Avengers led 10-3 to end the first quarter.

On the next drive, Lackawanna scored their first touchdown to tie the game 10-10.  The Avengers scored the next touchdown with a 14 yard pass from Khalid Morris to Emmanuel Oliver.  Although the Avengers made the extra point in the first quarter, they were unable to convert the extra point this touchdown.  On the following drive, the Javeon Ensley made a 16 yard interception return to have the Avengers go up 23-10 to end the first half.

For the third quarter, both teams were held scoreless.  In the opening minutes of the fourth, Lackawanna successfully made a touchdown.  With 5:46 remaining in the final quarter, Jean Palacio made a 24 yard field goal to put the Avengers up 26-17.  Lackawanna made a touchdown a minute later and two minutes later Lackawanna intercepted a pass to score a final touchdown to end the game 26-30 with a loss for the Avengers.

For the game, the Avengers offensive team had a 227 net yards passing and 219 yards rushing for a total of 446 yards of offense while the Avengers defensive team was able to hold their offense to a combined 124 total yards.  However, the special team was where the Avengers struggled as the Falcons had 226 return yards.

The ASA Avengers football team plays their next home game at Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, NY on October 13th 2018 at 2:00 pm against Capp Prep.